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My Tea Cup Kind of Story

Covid 19 has greatly impacted the flow of business at the Lamin Dana Cultural Lodge. We are still closed to outside visitors now. We had a window of respite in September 2020 until 5th January 2021, then its back to no business again. Hopefully, we can slowly get back on our feet by end of March this year. It has been a hard one year where everything stood at a standstill. We had it bad,but, it could be worst for others. many businesses had to close down. Similarly hotels, lodges and tourism outlets too. On the other hand, i try to find blessings in the situation too. This "forced"grounding had given an opportunity to recoup my thoughts, looked seriously into what I am doing. Think of how to get out of this rut and find other opportunities too.I even have time to write on this blog. So hopefully, by the time Lamin Dana opens its door to outside visitors again, we can give our hospitality to its prime again. Cheers and bye for now

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